Wayne Pate


Wayne Pate’s paintings and drawings are rooted in a 20th century aesthetic  established by Matisse, Picasso, De Chirico and other major artists that frequently reflect a strong Mediterranean sensibility, which is grounded in the classical world.

Wayne’s work is notably graphic and is pared down to elements that are refreshingly simple and spontaneous. He draws inspiration not only from major artists of the Modern Movement, but the things directly around him where he lives and from his travels. The pleasure he takes in the working process is palpable in his images, and contributes strongly to their appeal. Wayne’s raw talent has led to relationships with businesses such as Domino Magazine. Partners & Spade, Serena & Lily, and One Kings Lane His images are unapologetically hinged on a visual aesthetic that in spite of the increased diversity of the art world over the last fifty years continues to characterize the core meaning that so many people associate with the word “art”.

He lives and works in Brooklyn with his wife Rebecca Taylor, who is a successful fashion designer, and their three young children.