About Tiger Flower Studio

Tiger Flower Studio came into being to address the notion of Artists in Design. The objective is to assemble a small and unique group of artists in the decorating, textile, and fashion fields to offer limited edition prints of their work, primarily printed for the very first time. The talent of the artists on this website speaks for itself, and if you examine not only their work, but their biographies, you will realize quickly that this group encompasses an exceptional array of talent and accomplishments in their respective areas. Part of the excitement for us in this simple idea is that Artists in Design inhabit such an interesting area of the art world that exerts an extraordinary influence on our concepts of style and what is innovative in art as a contemporary society.

Our goal to represent a group of artists that have each excelled in the design field in a unique manner is the basis of what and who we are as a business. Part of our excitement in this simple idea is that nowhere else have we been able to discover a business with a truly parallel vision and mission. We hope you will come back and visit as other exceptional and interesting artists join us. Tiger Flower Studio is committed to remaining a business that is personal, and very selective in the work we represent.