Harrison Howard


Harrison Howard was born in 1954 in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, and grew up not far from there. Much of his professional career has been devoted to mural work in private houses, and has included screens, panels, easel paintings, and watercolors. Primarily, his work has focused on decorative themes including architectural subjects, chinoiseries, and scenic’s, often with bird, animal or floral motifs. He has worked extensively with alkyd paints, oil paints, and to a lesser extent, acrylics.

Clients include: Royal Saudi Embassy Residence, McLean, VA. Ms. Wendy Vanderbilt, New York , Ms. Kirstie Alley, Los Angeles, Mrs. Pierre S. DuPont, Delaware, Mrs. Roger Firestone, Philadelphia, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Goodyear, Philadelphia and Mrs. Jack Dorrance, Philadelphia.

Interior Design Firms for which Harrison has worked include: McMillen Inc., New York, Irvine & Fleming, New York, Pamela Banker, former senior partner of Parish-Hadley, New York, Frank Penino, Los Angeles and Brown-Buckley, Los Angeles.