Kazumi Yoshida


Kazumi Yoshida is an artist whose work spans the divide between the fine art world and the design field and ranges from paintings and sculptures to remarkable textile designs he created over a period of many years for the famed fabric company, Clarence House, where he is the director of design, and has worked since the 1980’s. He is also the author of the generously illustrated 2011 book about Clarence House.

The range of his paintings and sculpture, both representational and abstract, is permeated by a vibrant joie de vivre. His maturity as an artist is apparent through the uniquely and instantly recognizable character of his paintings and sculpture, which is spontaneous, thought provoking, and above all uplifting.

The limited edition prints on this website are Kazumi Yoshida’s first venture into producing prints, and we anticipate a wonderful response. Kazumi has shown his work extensively in shows in the US, Europe, and Japan and has been featured in numerous publications including Elle Décor, Architectural Digest, Vogue, and House & Garden among others. He has complimented his work for Clarence House with a number of striking designs for Hermes.